Schedule and training drafts

Schedule and training drafts

To create a training plan, click on the left menu in the "schedule" tab. Then in the day you are interested in, click the "add training" button.

A window will appear in which you should enter: subject of the class, time and place. There is also a field for additional information. After completing this form, the created trainings will be automatically marked on the trainer`s and player`s calendar.

The next step is to add exercises to the selected training. After clicking the "add exercises" button, a list of all exercises that are in the private, club and public exercise library will appear. Then choose the exercises to be used on the selected training. These exercises can be filtered by: age category, tags or parts of training.

Training plan wizard is a tool that works on the "drag and drop" basis. The plan is divided into three training parts: warm-up, main and cool-down parts. To move exercises to the specific training part, grab the exercises you are interested in and then drag them to the right place and drop them.

If you want to download the training plan as a PDF draft, click the "download draft" button. After clicking a button, you can download a training file in PDF format to your computer.