Timetable, matches and table

Timetable, matches and table

If you have used automatic synchronization of matches (Poland), the timetable will be completed by the system.

If you want to complete the timetable manually, after creating a competition, you have to enter a list of teams participating in the competition. The next step is to complete the time and determine the pairs of teams playing in the selected match of the given matchday. Filling the timetable, gives clear and easy preview of the matches played, in the form of tables, charts and other statistics.

To edit the timetable, you have to click on the "timetable" tab and go to the fill mode. ProTrainUp also gives you the opportunity to create matches that will be added to the timetable as tournament, cup or friendly matches. To add such a match, click on the "new match" button and then fill in all the fields on the new match creation form.

To view the current state of the league table, go to the left menu and click on the game tab, and then in the league table option. If you play more than one game in the same time, in the upper right corner you can see a select list from which you can choose the games you are interested in.