To start working with tests, you have to click "available tests" in the left menu. After clicking, you move to the list of tests. Several basic tests have been prepared for the trainers, including 5m running, 20m running, 30m running and a beep test.

To enter the test results completion view, click the menu icon next to the test and select the "enter results" option. After clicking, you`ll see a list of players on that day. If there were no tests on the current day, you will see empty spaces next to the players with a place to enter the results of a given test. To change the date of the test, click on the field with the date in the upper right corner of the window.

The ProTrainUp tool also gives trainers the opportunity to create their own tests. To create such a test, we have to click "add test." After clicking, we open the test creation window.

In this window we have several important fields to complete. The first is the name of the test, the next is the category and description of the test. Below is a field for entering information, what we measure, what unit of measure and what are the standards of a given test. We have the possibility to create multidimensional tests by adding another measured element.

Of course, you also have access to historical test statistics. There are a results of each test collectively and of each player individually. We have access to them by clicking the icon "test history" or on the list of players by clicking the icon "statistics." Then you are move to a page with a graphical summary of the statistics. The graph shows the results of all competitors over time.