Teams and coaches

Teams and coaches

Creating a team is a necessary element to start working with the trainer`s diary. Based on the created team, all kinds of statistics and a league table are counted, which is why the correct creation of the team is so important. To create a team, click in the left menu, in the "teams", and then "create a new one".

There are several important fields to complete in the team creation form. The most important of them is the name of the team. The name determines the subsequent display of the team name in many places in the diary. In the Club name field, select the specific club to which the team belongs. Then, select the first trainer of the created team from the drop-down list.

The next step is to determine the age group of your team, give the shortened team name and specify the color. This color will be displayed, for example, on the calendar.

If a team has more than one coach or want to change coaches, who run the selected year, go to the "list of teams." In the table you can see which of the trainers are assigned to the team. To add another trainer to the team, click the menu icon next to the selected diary and click "add user". Then, from the drop-down list, you choose the user and what role he should play in a given team. Remember that there can be only one first coach in the team.

If you want to move away from running a team of a trainer, click on the button with his role and select the "dismiss" option.