Squad and match stats

Squad and match stats

To start filling out the match statistics, select the match lineup. To do this go to the schedule tab, then click the menu icon next to the selected match and select the "Set match squad" option. The first thing you need to determine is the number of players on the field, formation and the basic time of the match.

The next step is to set players on selected positions on the pitch, dragging them from the list to the pitch or the substitute bench. You can also choose the option of automatically setting players due to the position on the pitch by clicking the "Auto-Squad" button.

After selecting the formation and composition, you can send to selected players a notification about the appointment for the match. To do this, check the "notify players" option. You can also generate a public link with a lineup that you can easily share on social media.

If you are deciding to only keep basic statistics for the season, you only need to complete the results of the matches. To do this, go to the schedule tab, and then go to the enter mode. If you decide to keep full statistics of the season, go to the "match protocol" tab, which you can get by clicking on the menu icon next to the selected match and selecting the "match protocol" option. After completing the protocol, all players appointed for the match will be charged appropriate statistics for participation in this match.