Team`s files

Team`s files

On the disk, just like in the library, you can create any folder structure in which you can place a file. To add a folder to the library, right-click on any empty field in your library and select "new folder" from the menu. After adding it, you can change its name by clicking on it and selecting "change name" from the menu.

To add a file to a previously created folder, right-click and select the "upload" option. Clicking this option will show you the window for adding a file from your computer`s hard drive. After selecting the file that interests you, it will be added to your team`s disk.

You also have the option of sharing folders with parents or players. To share the folder, right-click in the selected folder and select the "share" option. Next, you`ll see a window where you can choose who you want to share the folder with.

The team`s disk is built like a file manager, so you can use the functions: cut, rename or change the view. All these functions will make working with this tool very easy.