Calendar and communication

Calendar and communication

Communication in the club can be carried out in several ways. The first of them is the trainer`s calendar. From this place you are able to create events, matches and even trainings. Naturally, all persons concerned in the event will receive notification of its creation or editing. Each event can be assigned to a selected group of users, depending on the option selected, events may appear in other user`s calendars.

Another place for exchanging information is the club table. All trainers employed in the club and coordinator can talk with each other here. You can also use this place to circulate documents inside the club. The ability to upload a file that is visible to all trainers in the club will significantly improve the process of information exchange among trainers.

The virtual locker-room works in the same way. This is where communication between players, parents and coaches takes place within one team. As in the previous case, here you can upload photos, files or links to YouTube videos.

Naturally, it is also possible to send private messages in the form of individual messages or group chat to all users of the system. It has a built-in simple messenger that works great as a conversation platform with trainers, parents and players.