Animation wizard

Animation wizard

Animation wizard is an application built into the ProTrainUp system. It allows you to prepare both drawings and animations presenting tactics, drills or training exercises.

The right-hand menu is responsible for adding elements to the pitch. Here you can choose from elements such as fields, players, equipment, arrows, areas and comments. Each of them on the pitch is moving by dragging and dropping onto the field.

By clicking on the item with the right mouse button, you have can easly editing it. You can change: size, color and angle of the element.

Very important elements of the bottom menu are the add buttons and delete the frame. We use them when we plan to prepare an animation. Each subsequent group of moves should be placed in the next frame. Submission of several frames provides the effect of animation.

The system gives us the opportunity to group created animations into folders. When entering the library, click the "new folder" button. Then we give it a name and copy the animations that interest us.

Saving animation on the disk